Friday, 27 June 2014

Journey to Manhunt Singapore 2014 (Part 6)

Now now.. with the increase of Manhunt events happening, I'm quite behind in my blog post for my Manhunt journey. So I'll be using this post to clear 3 events and all of them are by the amazing LAB SERIES.

Received a phone call from Debbie (our hardworking coordinator) that myself, together with 4 other contestants, were invited to the Introducing of Singapore's New Celebrity Endorser at Kuro bar.

Everyone should know who the new Celebrity endorser is by now but if you're still unaware, it is the one and only Shane Pow.
Courtesy of

I've always heard of the skin care brand Lab Series but I was really impressed with the history, vision as well as the brand positioning of Lab Series when the Brand Manager, Christine did the opening speech for this event.

Shane was then introduced to the public as the new Celebrity Endorser. We were then directed to this really cool room with 3 huge posters of Shane for the signing of the event.

We managed to grab a shot with Shane too!

Kelvin Lee(Beam Artistes Manager), Nicholas Ngo, Reeeve, GuoJin, Me, Baron

A shot of Samuel Seow
The following Monday, the 5 of us we invited to Lab Series store at Ion Orchard for a mini tour as well as to get our skin tested. I was really impressed with the amount of thought put in when designing of the store. As you may already know, Lab Series is a skin care brand that only focuses on Men. So naturally, the store is designed  for the convenience and comfort of men. That's such a refreshing thought isn't it? Been awhile since I heard some emphasis on men being placed during any decision making process!! *Two thumbs up for Lab Series*

After the introduction to the store, it was time to get our individual skin analysed. As there were only 2 counters to do that, the rest of us decided to have some fun!

Next, it was my turn to get tested!!

The consultant explained every step clearly to allow me to understand what she was actually testing with the diagnostic tool. The result is broken down into 5 components: Flakiness, Tone, Texture, Oil Level & Firmness.

Next, based on the results from the analysis, the consultant will use the recommended products to do the 3 steps facial regime. Any one from the public can enjoy this service too!

And like every event, we always end of with a nice group shot! Thank you so much to Edward for taking time off to snap photos for us! Really nice of u.

Really though I have the time to cover the Lab Series workshop in this post. Seems like my wrong! Will be back really soon to cover that!

Have a great weekend everyone and stay fit & healthy!

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