Monday, 20 October 2014

Supplement Review: Cellucor Alpha Amino

Today, I'm going to share with you guys my experience with Cellucor Alpha Amino. But before I do that, let's find out what Amino Acid is and if it's important to take them.

What is Amino Acid?
A large proportion of our cells, muscles and tissue is made up of amino acids, meaning they carry out many important bodily functions, such as giving cells their structure. They also play a key role in the transport and the storage of nutrients. Amino acids have an influence on the function of organs, glands, tendons and arteries. They are furthermore essential for healing wounds and repairing tissue, especially in the muscles, bones, skin and hair as well as for the removal of all kinds of waste deposits produced in connection with the metabolism.

Amino Acid is very important for everyone, even more so if you're intending to build muscles. 

Amino Acid generally helps in 3 areas: 1. Improves overall strength 2.Aids recovery 3.Promote muscle growth

I'm not going to delve any further into its function for now so visit this link for more information:

Closer look at the ingredients in Cellucor Alpha Amino:

I will like to bring your attention to some of the amazing ingredients that have been added into this product.

1.  L-Leucine: This ingredient help in muscle building & recovery, increases protein synthesis as you are working out.  It also increases the growth hormone levels in your body.
2. Leucine Nitrate: Responsible for giving you a good pump when you work out!
3. Glutamine: Having this during your workout is essential as it reduces muscle soreness so that you can push on for that extra rep! It also boost your immune system.  
4. Arginine: This ingredient works closely with Leucine to improve blood flow, allowing nutrients and oxygen to flow to the muscles worked.
5. Raw coconut water & Taurine: Helps to reduce cramps!

I have been taking Optimum Nutrition's Amino Energy for the longest time as an intra workout drink and it has been working pretty well for me. But after trying the Cellucor's Alpha Amino, this product has surpassed my expectations! Amino drinks always come with a weird after taste but this one doesn't, it also mixes really well, which is really important for an intra workout drink.

I work 7 days a week and often find it hard to concentrate during my workout. This product is suitable for individuals who want to take their workout really seriously.

Here's my rating for this product:
Taste: 4.5/5
Mixibility: 5 / 5
Price: 4 / 5

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That's all folks! 


  1. Hi! How to get a tone body? Do u have any recommended work out? As im been gyming for months and yet I do not see any form of improvement in body toning.Do share some advice?

    1. Hi Kiangiap,
      Are you from SG? You may not be working out correctly if you're not seeing results. Same as schooling, building your body requires proper education. If you're interested in personal training, do let me know.

  2. Yea I'm from sg.Just that I always jumble up my schedule.Do u have a routine on what type of muscle groups to work on from mon-fri? And how long do I have to spend in gym in a week then it's consider adequate.

  3. Your post is very practical keep posting

  4. How to get a tone body like you?

  5. I have never used Kratom before but my brother takes them before every workout so when I ordered this & it came in I had him look at the ingredients and he said that is good stuff.

  6. I think Cellucor Alpha Amino one of the best amino ever comes in so many flavors and taste amazing I only tasted 3 flavors but now since I'm a member of my favorite brand I can try them all

  7. Alpha Amino is a great product from Cellucor ( the supplements keeps me hydrated throughout the day and enhances my energy everytime I sip in this supplement.

  8. Alpha Amino is a great product from Cellucor ( the supplements keeps me hydrated throughout the day and enhances my energy everytime I sip in this supplement.

  9. Cellucor's New Alpha Amino is an amazing product. It helps a lot with my recovery time

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