Sunday, 25 January 2015

MTG ReFa Active Review

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As a fitness enthusiast, I always get excited to try out new fitness related products or services. And today, I'm really happy to share with you this wonderful product from MTG. As both Limaran and myself are selected as fitness influencers, we are fortunate enough to try out ReFa Active & Pao Facial Fitness.

ReFa Active
Full review of Pao Facial Fitness can be found at Limaran's blog (

As for me, I'll be doing a review of this product called the ReFa Active.

What is MTG ReFa Active?

ReFa Active is an advanced hybrid massage roller that is specially designed for use on the body and face. This product is designed and manufactured in Japan.The titanium coated rollers and flexible handle replicate the gentle pinching and kneading sensation that an Aesthetician might include as part of your treatment. These actions stimulate your skin and the muscles below and increase circulation.

As I'm someone who's very skeptical when it comes to such products, I really have to try it personally to believe it. We were fortunate enough to have an in-depth product demonstration and got to try out the ReFa Active first hand. I have tried some old school massage roller that look pretty similar to the ReFa Active, just that it is made from wood, so I was expecting more or less the same sensation when using the ReFa Active. But to my amazement, the ReFa Active really feels like having a masseuse treating you. There is a personal touch when the titanium coated roller is moving on the surface of the body. I later found of that it is due to the flexibility of the handle as well as the microcurrent that is generated.

Let's find out more about what ReFA Active actually do:

 When a masseuse is massaging for you, his/her biological current is present during the session. That is why, regardless of how much one can spend on a massage chair, it will never as close as a human touch.

I was given the ReFa Active for product testing and guess what...I hurt my back a few days after. I told myself that there's no better way to test this product than this. Of course I still went to see a chinese physician and all but I used the ReFa Active 2 times a day, working on my lower back as well as the surrounding areas. My back felt loose and warm every single time after using the ReFa Active. With the help of the chinese physician, loads of rehab work and the ReFa Active, my back recovered in less than 2 weeks. I do not want to give full credit to the product because I believe it is just one of the reason why my back recovered. But I'm certain that without the ReFa Active, I may need an additional 1-2 weeks before I reach full recovery.

Now that I'm injury free, I still use it every evening on the muscle groups that I trained on that day. Knowing that it helps to promote good blood circulation and better recovery, I can have 5-6 quality trainings every week. I really like it that I'm able to give myself a good massage with this product and of course, I'll get Limaran to give me a hand for my neck and hard to reach areas. 
Shiokness written all over my face!

For Limaran, the ReFA Active is most frequently used on her very stiff neck and on her legs as she is always standing the whole day training clients. She also uses it on her clients after their workouts, which makes it a lot easier her. 

Dutiful husband at work!

It's been 3 months since we've used the ReFa Active and I must say that I can really feel the rewards from using this product diligently.

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