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Tech Talk: The Jawbone UP3 Review (Part 1)

Being in the health & fitness industry, I’ve had the privilege to do product testings for different sports products. But the one thing that always interests me the most is fitness trackers. 2014 was said to be the year of the fitness trackers/wearables and true enough, many players came in to try competing in this new “space”. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me that many of these players are not found in this market anymore.

But for brands that are committed to improve their products continuously, some pretty amazing things start to happen.

This year, Jawbone launched their most sophisticated fitness tracker yet, the Jawbone UP3.
I will be dedicating 2 blog posts for the Jawbone UP3 as there are a good amount of functions that is worth looking at =) Lets go!

If you have been following the Jawbone UP line, you’ll know that the UP is already having some pretty cool functions that some of the other well-known fitness trackers still do not provide. For example, the Sleep Function.

Before I go into the details of the product, let’s have a look at the new UP3.

The Jawbone UP3 comes in a nice clean packaging with the user manual & charging port nicely hidden away. And rightfully so, the main product is the band itself. This band is a one size fit most with an ultra-light weight of only 29grams.

       1) Activity Tracking
Like most activity trackers, the Jawbone UP3 tracks the number of steps that I take. I am able to set daily goals and even have a challenge with friends who are using any Jawbone UP products.
As Limaran and I are both testing out the Jawbone UP3, I sent her a 3 DAYS DUEL. The person who takes the most amounts of steps in 3 days wins. And here’s the result after 3 days =(

Limaran leads a super active lifestyle as a person trainer. She’s always up on her feet as she’s training clients throughout the day. During her free time, she’ll be getting her workouts in and preparing her meals in the gym. She hardly sits down!

As for me, I spend a good amount of time sitting in the office settling business proposals and maintaining my clients’ accounts. And I’m really ashamed to say that I can be sitting down for 2-3 hours without getting my butt off the chair! Plus I drive and Limaran doesn’t, so that all adds up.

The Jawbone UP3 not only tells you how many steps I take a day, it takes this data to the next level by explaining to me my level of activity:

I especially like the function where it plots on the graph showing the level of activity at different time of the day. And looking at the daily overview, I seem to be able to hit my daily activity goals only during the weekends.

Like the rest of the Jawbone UP products, there is an idle reminder function. When you’re idling for duration of time, the tracker will vibrate and prompt you to move about. This is particularly useful for desk bound workers. =)

      2) Sleep tracking
The one function that I find Jawbone surpassing its competitors will be none other than the sleep tracking function. The Jawbone UP3 has the advanced sleep function where it tracks your heartrate throughout the night and tells what kind of sleep you’re actually getting.

Light Sleep – During the transitional stage of sleep, you tend to move more and can be easily awakened.

REM(Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep – Characterised by dreaming, REM sleep is essential for consolidating memories and replenishing mood boosting chemicals like serotonin.

Deep Sleep – Deep sleep’s many benefits include boosting your immune system and aiding in repair of muscles and tendons.

This function gave me a huge shock when I saw my sleep results after the 1st night:

Out of the 6hr15min of sleep, I only had 13min of deep sleep and 0min of REM Sleep!!!! I was basically getting zero quality sleep. This explains why I tend to feel tired even after a long night’s sleep, feeling like I have never rested at all.

I will like to show you how a good night’s rest look like:

As my account is linked to Limaran’s, I’m able to see the kind of rest she’s getting every night. Limaran gets good quality rest  as compared to mine. This made me start to read up on the things I should and shouldn’t do to promote Deep & REM sleep.

After making 2 small changes to my pre-bedtime regime, the quality of my sleep improved slightly.

I’m probably still a long way to reach the ideal good night’s rest but I will keep trying!

That’s all I have for you in this post. If you’re already wanting to know where you can get your hands on the Jawbone UP 3, Visit Ban Leong’s Webstore at:

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Till the next post……….

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