Thursday, 29 October 2015

Road to better complexion: Venus Viva Treatment (Final)

Hi guys, I’ve recently completed my last session of Venue Viva Treatment and I’m here to show you the results after just 6 sessions.

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Before we do that, let me do a little recap on what Venus Viva is all about.

Venus viva is a revolutionary, patented, effective and impressive medical device from Israel using NanofractionalRadiofrequency(RF) and a SmartScan technology to treat acne scars, improve skin laxity and facial rejuvenation.

This advanced technology allows deep and uniform penetration of radiofrequency heat energy into the epidermis(superficial) and dermis(deep layers of the skin) to ablate and coagulate the skin resulting in micro-wounds.

Healing of the micro-wounds results in regeneration of new collagen and tightening of collagen to repair the skin and reduce the depths of the acne scars.

Basically, the result from this treatment is close to Fractional CO2 minus the down time. Here’s a glimpse of the kind of downtime for Fractional CO2. Pretty nasty if you ask me!

Source: Victorian Comestic Institute (Australia)
I’ve decided to do some tracking so that I can see for myself the kind of results that I’ve gotten after the 6 sessions of Venus Viva Treatment that I signed up for.

This was taken in April 2015. I was recommended to have my sessions done on a monthly basis. And that was what I did.

Here’s a progress shot after session 3.

 As the sessions went by, my doctor started to increase the level of intensity for each treatment as I’m not suffering from any downtime or redness. With the higher intensity level, more collagen will be stimulated and improving the results of the treatment further.

The stimulation of collagen does not only help to heal the acne scars, some of the other benefits include refining of facial pores, diminishing wrinkles and tightening of skin. Sound like the perfect all in one treatment already?

I had Dr Grace completing my final session and she didn’t hold back on the intensity at all. I could feel quite a big difference in terms of the pain scale but nothing unbearable.

And after 6 sessions of treatment, I’m really glad to say that my complexion has significantly improved and the deep acne scars are much less obvious.

Limaran used to be quite concerned about 3 problems about my complexion! 
     1)      Acne Scars
     2)      Wrinkles
     3)      Huge facial pores

I’m so glad that I’ve found the right treatment for my complexion and will highly recommend anyone who is a victim of acne scars to try it! Dr Grace & Dr Luping are one of the best doctors I’ve consulted because they were also victims of Acne & skin problem and started their pursuit for better complexion and managed to come across some really good treatment solutions. 

If you’re also interested in solving your acne scar problems, drop by Mint Medical Aesthetics to find out more:

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