Monday, 4 July 2016

The amazing trip to Davao, Philippines with Cebu Pacific Air (Part 2)

Hello guys, I’m back to share with you the 2nd part of my adventure in Davao, Philippines.
So after a good night’s rest at the very comfortable Park Inn at Radisson Hotel, we checked out and started our 2nd day of adventure.

Our 1st stop was to the beautiful Samal Island for the “Taklobo” Giant Clams Tour, which was about an hour boat ride from Davao. And since we had time to spare, why not snap some photos of our #ootd? =)

Outfit sponsored by Billabong

I’ve yet to visit Maldives but the boat ride to Samal Island already blew me away with the amazing view.

We arrived at our snorkelling site and started gearing up. All of us couldn’t wait to get into the water!!

Some of the beautiful photos captured by our official photographers, Christian and BJ, from Cebu Pacific Air.

The Giant Clam Sanctuary on Samal Island is an ongoing conservation project of the Davao del Norte State College (DNSC) Marine Reserve Park and Multipurpose Hatchery.
Can you count the number of giant clamshells? There are approximately 3,700 giant clamshells spanning across the 14-hectare sea.

We then snorkeled to shallow waters and were greeted by a ton of starfishes!!!

It was the first time holding on to living starfishes and it was really fun. We realised that there were a large amount of tentacles and could get pretty strong! =)

After snorkelling, we took a short boat ride to Maxima Aquafun. When hearing the name, I was reminded of our very own Fantasy Island in Sentosa back in the days. If you guys do not know what I’m talking about, you are probably 10 years younger than I am. Haha.. And boy was I right. They have this giant slide that throws you right into the sea!

So after taking the endless stairs up to the very top of the giant slide, which is constructed next to a cliff, I was ready to take my plunge!

I was holding on to a GoPro throughout the ride and I honestly can’t wait to see the priceless expression I had when going down to slide…haha…

After the whole day of activities under the sun, it was time to head back to wash up for a sumptuous dinner at the Waterfront Insular Hotel.

Before dinner was served, we were treated to a cultural performance by the Kalumon Performing Group. The performance showcased pieces rooted in the culture indigenous to the Filipinos. The performers performed with so much passion and enthusiasm, which stirred up many emotions within me, even though I couldn’t understand the language.

Dinner was served after a heartwarming speech by the Regional Director of the Philippines Department of Tourism.

A group shot to end Day 2!

Head over to Limaran’s blog,, to find out what we did on Day 3.
On our final day in Davao, we decided to head out to buy some souvenirs for you guys!! We were all given a budget to pick up anything we want at a popular shopping spot, the Aldevinco Shopping Center.

Aldevinco is an 8,370 sq meter commercial complex that is filled with arts and crafts, showcasing the culture and heritage of the Mindanaoan.

With a limited budget and only an hour to browse through all the small shops, I tried my very best to pick up something the best represents this beautiful city!

Here are the 2 items we picked out from the thousands and thousands of souvenirs. I know you can’t really see what I bought, so don’t forget to head over to @nuffnangsg’s Dayre page to see what we all picked for you guys =)

This pretty much sums up my amazing journey in Davao City. With a city that is so safe and filled with good food and eco adventure, this is definitely a new playground for Singaporeans. I will like to thank Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Department of Tourism – Region 11 (Davao) for reaching out to us Singaporeans, sharing this new treasure spot with us. As we made our way back to our lovely country, we were served by yet another
awesome team of heart warming flight crew from Cebu Pacific Air. Really love the newuniform on them. =)

Cebu Pacific Air flies to Davao City thrice weekly from Singapore at the very affordable rate and fares start as low as SGD182.

Click here to find out more or call +65-315-80808 for bookings and promos!

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