Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A weekend like no other

You know you've had an eventful weekend when Sunday evening arrives and your heart is still racing!! That was how last weekend was like for me....

The weekend started a week ago, where I was busy dieting and leaning down for my photo shoot with iFitness on Saturday at Anytime Fitness @ Marine Parade.

I usually try to have all my meals homecooked at least 1 week before any shoot; just to make sure that I'm super clear with what I'm putting into my body.

Arriving at Anytime Fitness @ Marine Parade at around 10.30am. I was 1/2 hr early so caught a glimpse of the model before me shooting. And that person is none other than my brother from another mother, Jovin Koh!

This is the first time I'm doing a fitness photoshoot and to be honest, it is way tougher than I expected. To have all the muscles nicely contracted & still put on a nice smile.. that's no easy task!! Throughout the entire duration of the shoot, there were still gym users around and all eyes were on us. It was a little uneasy at first but got used to it after awhile. There was an aunty standing by the side watching me pose and gave me a thumbs up when I was done for that segment. What a sweetheart!!

Back shot taken by Leonard from iFitness
 It was truly a really great experience and I thank God for the opportunity!

A shot with a female PT of Anytime Fitness
After the shoot, it was my turn to play the supporting role when I arrived at Funan DigitaLife Mall as my wife was there for the STUFF Magazine Covergirl Search 2014.
I'm her No. 1 Fan
Her job was tougher than mine over the weekend because there were 2 stage segments each day and all the contestants will need to be able to clearly present & share their experience with a tech gadget that was loaned to them. Limaran got to play around with the new Canon EOS 1200D and she did a great job sharing all the interesting functions and Unique selling points of that DSLR.

Limaran on stage
I was also really happy to see that her best friend, Jasmine Danker, was also a finalist in this competition and these 2 girls were having an awesome time!
Vote for Limaran & Jasmine!!
My mum came down to support Limaran too!! For both days
The ever supportive couple, Nicholas & Ashley
Alex & Jasmine.. Fitness couple!!

Jasmine on stage
Group shot with DJ JK from Power 98 FM
Asian style photographer Level 99
It was also Jason's (my youngest buddy) last weekend in Singapore before leaving for Thailand for his army exercise so this weekend gave us a great opportunity for some quality BROMANCE!!

My first & last time eating at this place!  Terrible tasting food
A shot with the super cute Jacqui from Power 98 FM.. She looked more excited than us.. Such a sweetheart

So here you go.. this was what happened last weekend.. a truly eventful time with people who really matter the most!

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