Thursday, 10 April 2014

Journey to Manhunt Singapore 2014 (Part 2)

08 March 2014 (Manhunt Singapore 2014 1st Photoshoot)
For some reason, this day was one of the busiest Saturday for me. As my company, Team Axis Pte Ltd,  is one of the appointed service provider for Health Promotion Board's Lose To Win Programme, I had to be at HPB bright & early for a motivators' briefing prior to the shoot.
Thumbs up for LTW Season 7

It was the first time meeting the contestants when I arrived at Beam and I have to say that everyone looked really amazing!! But what's most important was that they were really warm and friendly. That was when I knew that this journey is going to be a super fun one! Looking forward to seeing them again soon...
Listening attentively to the boss!

First time posing in front of the camera without my wife, it felt really different. Loads of cues were given by the photographer in order for me to get into the proper poses... tiring but great experience!
Support contestant number 6 please!!!

I guess that's it for part 2.. part 3 will be coming up real soon =) Take care, train hard & God bless!

Meanwhile, hope to get your support for my beautiful wife, Limaran, who's a finalist for Stuff Magazine Covergirl Search 2014.

Please vote & share.. Greatly appreciate it!

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