Tuesday, 5 May 2015

ZARA - My go to place for fashion

ZARA has always been a go to brand for me since 2007, right about when I ORD from army. After saving some money during my NS days, I took a sum of money out from my savings to ‘update’ the clothes in my wardrobe since I was moving into uni life.

L and I were recently given the opportunity to dress each other up with the beautiful clothes from ZARA and it was a really fun experience for the both of us. I was pretty stressed up at first as I really didn’t know much about female clothes and how to pair the items up to bring out a particular style.  

Shopping for female clothes is no easy task, that’s probably the reason why you don’t see that happening at all! But I was really sure it’ll be fun..so let the shopping begin!!!

L was really accommodating whenever I pulled something off the rack to try on her. She did give me some hintsevery now and then when she knew that some of the outfits are totally out of her style! But I didn’t care.. It was my chance to explore what really fits her....in my opinion at least..

As for L, she has no problem dressing me up as she has been playing an active role in the clothes that I buy since the first day we got together. Here are the outfits that L chose for me =)

Outfit 1

Palm leaves printed tee: SGD45.90
Pale blue shorts: SGD59.90
Footwear: SGD69.90

As we went to ZARA just a couple of days before our Bali trip, L decided to pick outfits that would be relevant. I love how she matched this comfy palm leaves printed tee with the pale blue shorts.  In the hot Bali weather, I still managed to super feel comfortable in what I wore. 

Outfit 2

Striped Long Sleeve Top: SGD59.90
Cuffed Pants: SGD109.00

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I love wearing long sleeve t-shirts. L knew that out of the 4 outfits that she chose for me, a long sleeve t-shirt will have to be included. And when she pulled this top out from the rack, I knew that this is a top that I will wear. The fabric is nice and light, suitable for Asian climate. And there’s no better way to complete the look other than a pair of cuff pants.

This outfit was chosen for our dinner on my birthday eve. =)

Outfit 3

Printed Tanktop: SGD49.90
Light Washed Denim Bermudas: SGD59.90
White Sneakers: SGD99.90

How can you not bring along a tanktop when you’re visiting Bali right? And that was what L did! She chose a tank top with a blend of patterns to match this tough denim bermudas. Really love the denim collection ZARA is offering this season! The look was completed with a pair of white sneakers with golden trim. Really giving off the clean yet strong feel.

Outfit 4

White Shirt: SGD69.90
Green Bermudas: SGD69.90

L chose this outfit for my birthday dinner with Chris & Eunice and as we were going to dine in a classy restaurant in Seminyak, Limaran felt that I should have some collar going on. Love the details of the mandarin collar as well as the unique colour tone of the bermudas.

So out of the 4 outfits that L chose, can you guess which outfit I love the most?

Well, if you ask me, I felt that L managed to pick 4 different styles that I am really glad I’m able to pull off. It was a really interesting experience to be able to pick a number of outfits for L. I never knew how tough it was to dress a girl. And I can now totally understand why girls are usually late for at least an hour......too many clothes to choose from!!

L and I had a really enjoyable time shopping at ZARA and if you’re not a ZARA fan yet, it’s time to check out what they have to offer. And there’s no better time to do it than the reopening of ZARA outlet at ION Orchard.

Both L and myself will be there during the store opening (10am – 12pm) and will hope to see you guys there =)

For the latest updates on what ZARA Singapore has to offer, click here! 

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