Monday, 15 June 2015

Road to better complexion: Venus Viva Treatment (Part 2)

Hey guys, I’m here today to give you guys an update on the progress of my face treatment with Venus Viva. Before I begin this update, I’ll like to give you guys a quick recap on what Venus Viva is about =)

For those of you who have read part 1, Click here  =)

Venus viva is a revolutionary, patented, effective and impressive medical device from Israel using NanofractionalRadiofrequency(RF) and a SmartScan technology to treat acne scars, improve skin laxity and facial rejuvenation.

This advanced technology allows deep and uniform penetration of radiofrequency heat energy into the epidermis(superficial) and dermis(deep layers of the skin) to ablate and coagulate the skin resulting in micro-wounds.

Healing of the micro-wounds results in regeneration of new collagen and tightening of collagen to repair the skin and reduce the depths of the acne scars.

So I signed up for a package of 6 sessions in March and I’m getting my sessions done once a month. I’ve currently completed 3 sessions so it’s a good time for me to do some progress check.

So here’s a photo of my complexion before Venus Viva:

And here are some photos taken on my 3rd treatment:
Quick selfie while waiting for the numbing cream to kick in!

Post session 3 treatment photo

As my skin is able to take the intensity of the past treatment, Dr Lim continued to increase the intensity. For the past 2 treatments, I did not get anyone asking anything about the redness on my face. Maybe because it’s just too mild. But after the 3rd treatment, I finally had someone commenting about my face! I went to pick Limaran up from work and a personal trainer there saw my face and asked if I went for a laser treatment on my face. The reason why he could tell was because he was undergoing a similar treatment on his face! How cool is that?!? =) He also told me that the he really loved the results he was getting so far.

As the intensity of the treatment for session 3 was stronger, the redness stayed on for a couple more days. Here a photo of my complexion after 1.5 weeks from session 3.

I’m really starting to see some really good progress on my complexion and L is also telling me that the pores on my face are starting to tighten up. I used to really hate taking photos under strong fluorescent lighting as they are really harsh and unforgiving.

But here’s a photo of L and I under an unforgiving lighting and I think my complexion is holding up quite well.  =)

I’m very confident that the 3 remaining sessions that I have left will continue to improve my complexion.

For those of you who are really interested in imoproving your complexion with minimal downtime, do check out Mint Aesthestic Clinic.

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I will be doing a final blogpost on my road to better complexion after the 3 remaining sessions. Looking forward to see some really good results! Till next time.....

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