Monday, 14 December 2015

100PLUS Run For Good Event

Working out has always been a part of my life and I always give my best when it comes to training. I believe in investing time to work out so as to be responsible for my own health. It has always been rather inward focus and often wondered how it will feel like to work out for a good cause.

I had the opportunity to do exactly that as soon as I got out from reservist last week. I was invited to the 100PLUS Run For Good event at Kallang Wave Mall. When I saw the invitation, I knew that I will have to be there no matter how busy or tired I was. I always believe in doing my part, no matter how big or small, to support a great initiative.

More about 100PLUS Brand:

As Singapore’s No.1 isotonic drink, 100PLUS aids in replenishing lost fluids, energy and electrolytes to combat the effects of dehydration, heat and exertion, enabling individuals to achieve peak performance in their daily active lifestyle.

100PLUS created the Run For Good event for 2 simple but powerful reasons:
      1)     To get everyone to get up and be active
      2)     To allow everyone to do their part for a good cause through this process

 Here’s how it works:
       1)     Register and run on a treadmill for 10mins
       2)     100PLUS will donate $10 to SportCares for every one kilometre you run
       3)     Get a free 100PLUS towel and drink after you run
       4)     Clock 1.5 km in 10minutes to receive a free Soleus Fitness Tracker worth $128

What is SportCares? 

SportCares works to improve the lives of underprivileged children, youth-at-risk, needy seniors, people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities and the disadvantaged in our community.

100PLUS Run For Good Event (Kallang Wave Mall)

So what happens when you create an event that allows people to do their part for a good cause?

The queue was amazingly long and participants will have to wait as long as 2 hours before their turn to run. When I reached Kallang Wave Mall and saw the huge crowd waiting to do their part for charity, it put a huge smile on my face. I believe that all we need to do is to be open to getting started and 100PLUS provided a platform for everyone to do just that =)

I was fortunate to beat the queue and proceeded straight to my 10 minutes run.

Helpful event staffs were all around the runners, providing any required assistance as well as to look out for safety.  
Ready, get set, GO!

As I was running, I saw an elderly lady who’s probably in her 70s, doing her part in this event too. Despite her age, she was still jogging at a relative fast pace and her fitness level was reflected in her great physique and radiant complexion. I will definitely want to be like her when I reach her age.What a heart-warming sight.

As soon as the 10 minutes run was done, the event staff immediately provided me with a can of ice cold 100PLUS and a 100PLUS towel. In these 10 minutes of my life, not only did I get a great workout, I did it for a good cause. In May this year, my company organised a fund raising event for the Napal Earthquake, ‘Sweat For Nepal’, and we managed to raise over $7000 in 4 hours. However, I wasn’t a participant in that event. This time round, as a participant of 100PLUS Run For Good, the feeling is total different. It really made me feel that I can make a difference in my own capacity and it is a great feeling. =)

It was a really fulfilling Sunday after 2 weeks of reservist and I will like to thank 100PLUS for inviting me to their Run For Good event.

100PLUS donated a total of $25,000/- to SportsCares and here's a video showcasing the 100PLUS Run For Good event.

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