Monday, 21 December 2015

Dermagold Men Skin Care

Having great skin in a hot & humid climate like Singapore is not an easy task. And guess what; working in the fitness line doesn’t make things any better.

Been diligently using Dermagold Men’s skin care products for a year and will like to share with you my skin care regime.

But first, here’s some information about Dermagold.

Dermagold is an independent skincare brand, made for the discerning user who is serious about simple and effective skincare, beyond the trends and fads. They firmly believe that real, bare-faced beauty is confident and empowering, and should be the core foundation of every woman or man.

Just like most guys, I don’t put in a lot of emphasis in my skin care regime. Kudos to the ladies out there for the effort and time to groom and look good. =)

My 3 steps Dermagold Skin Care Regime

    Step one: Demagold Men’s Pore Refining Cleanser 

This cleanser is really light on the skin but thoroughly cleanses my skin with just a single pump. With AHA/BHA, it also exfoliates old cells & refine pores everytime you wash your face.

This product is like the deadlift movement in the gym. The corner stone of my skin care regime.

Step 2: Dermagold Men’s Pore Refiner

Immediately after cleansing my face, I will apply 1 pump of the pore refiner. As the name suggest, it refines pores and have an extremely soothing and moisturizing effect, thanks to the cucumber in the product. Coneflower is also found in this single pump it is responsible for reducing redness. And finally, Maticaria flower helps to promote cells regeneration.

Step 3: Dermagold Men’s Skin Brightener

And finally, just one more pump of the skin brightener to complete my skin care regime.

This product is even lighter than the pore refiner. With 18% of Vitamin C found, this product helps in brightening the skin and reversing the effect of sum damage. (2s)-2-Amino-5-Guanidinopentanoic Acid is also found in this product and it has an anti-ageing effect, which I'm clearly in great need of.
I am amazed how such a simple 3 step facial regime can help maintain a great complexion even in a harsh climate like Singapore.

This post is to strongly urge my male fitness brothers in iron to put in a tiny effort in maintaining a good complexion. A great face is strongly needed to match the great physique that we are trying to build.

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