Monday, 5 May 2014

Our Pre Wedding Photoshoot (Apr 2012)

I've heard from my slightly older friends so many times that wedding albums have helped save tons of marriages. And after browsing through my pre wedding photo shoot album, I can truly see the reason why.

Don't get me wrong... Limaran and I are still very much in love. But while flipping through the album, I can still vividly remember most of the happenings that took place in that 2 days!

Before I go any further, I will like to make it very clear that all information given in this blog is based on my experience 2 years ago. Things may have changed so please take what I say with a pinch of salt!

In December 2011, 1 month after proposing to Limaran, we started preparing for our big day(Damn kiasu I know). But looking back, it was really a good thing that we starting looking around early. Like every other couple, we set aside a full Saturday to comb the entire Tras Street. Went in to quite a number of reputable bridal studios (Z wedding, Le Grand, Di Gio, etc) as we've gotten some reviews from our friends who have used their services. At that point in time, Limaran was already very clear with the kind of gown she was looking for and style that she wanted, both during the pre wedding photoshoot as well on the big day itself. As for me, I had no idea at all!

Our 1st stop was Z wedding and the 1st thing that caught our eyes were the beautiful photos in all the albums. Every album seemed to have a theme and the photos were all so nicely taken. We then found out that Z wedding was working with a renowned photographer, Chris Ling. I thought that we've hit the jackpot.. no more hunting required. But when we went to browse through the gowns, there was nothing that Limaran liked at all! As the staff could sense that Limaran wasn't really pleased with what she was seeing, they recommended us to their sister company, Le Grand, where they carry gowns that are more "Up Market".

Le Grand had really nice gowns but they didn't allow any customisations to their gowns as well as their packages at all. Their packages didn't really seemed very value for money either. So we moved on.

When we enter Di Gio, we were immediately noticed by their boss and he said that he wanted us to be their model couple if we signed a package with them. They also allowed Limaran and I to have a set of fully customised gown and suit. He also promised a big discount on our package! We decided to hear him out but the more he spoke, the more we freaked out. It sounded like he was going to choose the style for us and we had no say at all.

The last stop was at Sohpia and we were there because that was the only store that was still opened. We were not very impressed with this studio when we were browsing through the albums. The lady then asked Limaran the type of gowns that she's looking for so that she could bring out afew. And that was when Limaran got hooked, their gowns were so beautifully made and the lady seemed to understand what Limaran was looking for! That was when the problem came, we've found a place with really beautiful gowns but photos were not that impressive. We highlighted this problem to the manager in charge and she too wanted us to be their model couple.

Limaran and I discussed and came to a conclusion that we should be the one coming up with the themes for our photoshoot and make sure that the photographer will be able to capture what we were looking for.

So here's the deal we've gotten.

45% discount from the usual price of $8888/-,
100 photos for pre wedding photoshoot album
100 photos for actual day wedding photo album
3 outfit each for pre wedding photoshoot
Day & Evening gown fully customised (Evening gown to keep)
Day & Evening suit fully customised (Day suit to keep)
2 days pre wedding photo shoot
2 photographer + 1 Videographer for pre wedding photo shoot
(Sounded like a pretty good deal to us so we took it)

Enough of talking.. Here are some of the photos taken. Hope that the photos will give those of you who are planning for your pre wedding photoshoot some ideas on the theme as well as the various locations =)

Day 1 Morning Studio Photoshoot
Location: Studio

Day 1 Morning Outdoor Photoshoot
Location: Henderson waves
We were abit disappointed that it was raining but the photographer used it to our advantage

Day 1 Afternoon Studio Photoshoot
Location: Studio

Day 1 Afternoon Photoshoot
Location: Wa Bar

Day 1 Evening Outdoor Photoshoot
Location: Pierce Reservoir

This were the places we went on day 1. So tired after a full day of shoot but wait.. there's still day 2!!!!

Day 2 Afternoon Outdoor Photoshoot
Location: Ben & Jerry (Dempsey Hill)

Day 2 Afternoon Outdoor Photoshoot
Location: Caterbury Road

Day 2 Afternoon Outdoor Photoshoot
Location: Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

Day 2 Evening Outdoor Photoshoot
Location: Sentosa Board Walk

Day 2 Evening Outdoor Photoshoot
Location: Marina Barrage

And that's all I have for you in this post. I hope you guys enjoyed looking at the photos as much as I do!

Finally, may I end of by giving you readers 2 simple advice:
1. Please get in shape before your pre wedding photoshoot! These photos will stay with you for life!!
2. Guys will usually take the back seat when it comes to all the planning. Be more enthusiastic throughout the whole process. It's very tiring but the memories will be priceless!

Thanks for reading and God bless!


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