Friday, 16 May 2014

Our Staycation at Quincy Hotel Singapore (10May2014)

In a highly stressful society like Singapore, everybody needs to take some time off to unwind every now and then. Limaran and I were honoured to be selected by Quincy hotel for their upcoming commercial. On top of that, we were given a free one night stay! So read on as I'll show you what happened during that 2D1N stay at the Quincy hotel.

We arrived at Quincy Hotel at around 1pm and we had to change to our 1st segment's outfit for filming already. Limaran and I have done quite a number of photoshoots before but it was our first time filming. We were so excited and nervous at the same time, not knowing if we'll be able to meet the hotel's expectation.
Just before filming.. So excited
There were quite a number of guests having their meals at the restaurant and some of them were being affected due to the big amount of space that had to be cordoned off for the filming process. So sorry to disturb your meal guys.

The 1st segment was the breakfast scene and we were supposed to just enjoy our meals as they filmed us. Of course there were a few gestures done to make it look more lively but apart from that, it was pretty easy! =)
Caught playing with our phones during the break! #firstworldproblem
After the 1st segment, we had to quickly change to our "Check in" outfit.
Did someone say strike your best pose?!
2nd Segment was done just outside the hotel, showcasing the beautiful facade of Quincy Hotel. It was about 2.30pm and the sun wasn't showing us any mercy at all! 

Limaran looking absolutely gorgeous
We then had a 1 hour break while the team went around to film the facilities that the hotel had to offer. And of course, we went back to the room to sleep!
Had some time for selfies too!
We did a room scene but sadly didn't manage to capture the 'behind the scene' moments. The hotel manager did take a panoramic view of us in the room. DRINKING WINE!!

Next was Art Jamming session, a programme that couples get to do when they have their staycation on Saturdays. There are so many interesting concepts of this hotel which I will touch on at the later part of this blog.
It was our first time painting together

Nicely painted by this cute couple!
The dinner scene was next and we were back at the restaurant for this segment. There was quite a wide selection at the counters and we were starving!! So how? Whack lah!!!
Quincy Hotel settles your every meal!
2 more scenes before the filming was done; gym & movie by the pool. We didn't manage to get any photos from these 2 scenes too so remember to watch out for the video.

The evening can't end without a photo with the beautiful Ericia, the person responsible for getting us on board this project! Thanks Ericia!

We woke up really late the next morning and had a quick breakfast before heading to the gym & pool!

Here are some photos of our room:

Some photos of the facilities:

And of course, a STRONG pool view! =)
Quincy Hotel offers a Qool Weekend experience where it is an all inclusive package. All you need to pay is the room fee and everything else is included:

- Welcome drinks
- Mini Bar
- Lunch, Dinner+Cocktail & Day 2's Breakfast (the restaurant's counter will have snacks & refreshments all day, includes pastries by Dean & DeLuca)
- Afternoon Programme: Art Jamming
- Evening Programme: Movie by the pool

Limaran and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Quincy Hotel! If you're considering a staycation weekend where all your meals and activities are planned for, Qunicy Hotel will be the perfect choice for you!

Click here to find out more & start planning for your staycation today!

Till the next post..Take care & God bless!

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  1. That looks an awesome place. I'm pretty sure me and my family are going to love it. Try to check out Makati, you'll love it too. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!